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service hotline1:0755-88841255

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Industrial and commercial:440307106783937

bank:China construction bank, shenzhen longgang branch

company account :44201542000052522709

address:Shenzhen nanshan shekou south water village building 17, 101

Shenzhen JiWang moving company wholeheartedly provides the following services:

(1) the company's long-term undertaking ChangDuanTu moved factory, office buildings, piano, moving company.

(2) heavy machinery hoisting shift. Guangdong province for 24 hours less-than-one carload limousine service, bring your own 1.5 tons, 2 tons, 3 tons more than van. Guangdong province moved long on-call, a move before the home maintenance, renovation, installation of one-stop service.

(3) to undertake home, shop, office decoration design, water and electricity installation, hutch defends, batch of gray paint the walls and waterproof bare.

(4) dismantling air-conditioning, (fission air conditioning, the window air conditioner, central air conditioning) and snow, cleaning and maintenance.

Recycling (5) items: computer, TV, air conditioning, hotel equipment, stainless steel kitchen utensils and appliances, office equipment, frame, paper class...

& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent warm prompt: before the move, please wrap small objects, adhesive tape, pick up the valuable items, so as to avoid loss of misunderstanding. Please give details of the furniture, the floor height, distance, midway need to transit, whether to dismantling air-conditioning or other items. We will provide according to you case, vehicles, professional service for you, we take the clear net price, welcome your consultation!

service standard:

1 car capacity looks neat and uniform, body advertising, logo is complete clean.

2 employees with work uniforms, uniform appearance clean and tidy.

3 shall not wear slippers at work, barefoot, needs the workplace with shoe covers, must take over.

language norms:

1 language civilization, not at the scene play, play, eat, smoke, drink, do nothing to do with handling work.

2 words and modesty, behavior and action, seem to transport light to take light put, the precious perishable goods, be careful.

3 if there is any damage occurs, immediately truthfully report the customer and the company, shall not conceal, refuse to report.

4 obey the unity of the company and the expensive unit scheduling, seriously listen to the opinions of the customers, and meet the requirements of your organization as much as possible.

5 I company staff imposed by the customer unit score by discussion, strict management, in violation of the expensive unit system and the system of my company employees, will be punished according to the relevant system.