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Jiwang move as Shenzhen moving industry leading enterprises for the masses to provide a variety of services including air conditioning, air-conditioning disassembly, air-conditioning plus fluoride, air conditioning cleaning service. We have a professional service team, to provide quality services for your.

air conditioning service process of


A. service process: telephone quotation, booking disassembly and assembly time, place, door-to-door service, removing the air-conditioning, air conditioning, assembly cost settlement;

B. services: operations personnel with professional technology, skilled and rapid disassembly and assembly;

The advantages of C. services: professional dismantling.

air conditioning installationair-conditioning disassemblyair conditioning

air-conditioning disassembly air conditioning installation air conditioning

horse hanging cabinet

air-conditioning disassembly costs
air conditioning type single split single loaded the disassembly and assembly of
window machine 70 yuan 80 yuan 150 yuan
1.5 (including) the following hanging horse 120 yuan 140 yuan 220 yuan
1.5 (including) the following matching one for two 140 yuan 180 yuan 230 yuan
2, 160 yuan 200 yuan; 280 yuan
3 Guiji 200 yuan; 240 yuan 380 yuan
5 Guiji 200 yuan 300 yuan 480 yuan
other punch: brick building 50 yuan / month, Banlou 80 yuan /, 100 yuan / tower. Add fluorine 40 yuan / pressure line, 20 yuan / m, and pipe 1.5 horses within 100 yuan per meter, two horsepower 120 yuan, after the high prices are negotiable.
note: the prices according to the season can float