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service hotline1:0755-88841255

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long short distance transport moving hotline: 26985522

long short distance transport current operating network covering domestic one, the second city, can provide the perfect short haul moving for you or the company, the packing of the goods transport services.

The family of

1 / item short haul moving: provide on-site dismantling furniture, goods packaging, Piano / electrical / luxury goods in wooden cases custom packaging;

2 units long short distance relocation: to provide on-site removing office furniture, office supplies professional classification packaging.

long short distance transport matters

1, all the pieces of goods, we suggest that customers use carton sorting packaging;

2, understanding with their goods / company ready to check, prepare enough carton and packing tape;

3, the book / data are not afraid of pressure of heavy cargo, with a small carton packaging and control in 20 kilograms;

4, clothes and other items should be classified laying the entire carton, avoid goods too much or too little;

5, to reduce the small goods, its focus on the packaging to the cartons;

6, bank card, all kinds of certificates, precious metals, important company information, please keep them safe, in order to avoid loss;

7, all the goods must be wrapped fruit, weight evenly;

8, advance to the name, check the size, the number of big ticket items telephone inform our company, packaging in order to arrange removal and choose suitable;

9, on the outer packing, write, arrival city, name of consignee, the consignee telephone.

10, afraid of pressure, fragile items please separate stacking.

van 4 yuan / km
2 deadweight tons truck 6 yuan / km
3 deadweight tons truck 8 yuan / km
note: the above prices for one-way trips each transportation charges.