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We have the person answering the telephone contact, first understand consumers move specified date, goods, floor, needs what kind of moving vehicle, the required details about the cost of. And the moving route, whether to provide carton packaging material and whether overweight items, such as piano, vault, fish tank.

home valuation:

We will be sent to the house for your detailed explanation and evaluation, these pre move operation is completely free of charge if the number of moving goods furniture is not much, that belongs to small move / car / 1~2, can use the telephone quote.

signed the contract:

The government moved to the valuation, such as the two sides agreed to confirm, immediately signing move contract, telephone or fax contract available offer county.

provides packaging:

The government move to valuation, valuation personnel according to consumer goods, furniture, provide whether exquisite packaging, according to consumer needs, any material packaging, the moving company in the cost of supply, the cost of packing is consider to accept wage.

service confirmed:

The move when the operation is completed, please check and accept the goods after the number of consumers, to move the contract confirmation column signature, the company will move to ask consumers to fill out the "customer satisfaction survey", if consumers are not satisfied or complaints, please call the moving company 18028797500 complaints hotline, integral assessment of your valuable suggestions will be improved as friends the target and moving technician.

According to the number of items sent furniture appropriate move technicians and moving vehicle customer service personnel to provide exquisite packaging according to customer specified auspicious days personnel arrive on time and according to the customer the furniture goods classification Shun car arrives in new homes on the specified location positioning complete equipment.

Moving process, if the human factors, and the damage of your furniture items, please inform the moving service personnel, the company moving Department of electric be in harmony, we serve you claim.