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service hotline1:0755-88841255

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bank:China construction bank, shenzhen longgang branch

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address:Shenzhen nanshan shekou south water village building 17, 101

Shenzhen JiWang relocation co., LTD is a professional relocation lifting company in shenzhen city. Is one of the moving company in shenzhen set up earlier.

Under the strong support from all walks of life, through the unremitting efforts of all staff, JiWang relocation co., LTD., is developing rapidly, from the early a few cars, a few people has developed into today's scale, professional relocation service locations throughout the shenzhen company.

At present has become a pilot in the moving company in shenzhen. Implements one-stop services for the whole relocation company, all staff have received professional training.

Our company since its inception, adhere to the "efficient and quick, solidarity, brave in exploitation and sustainable development," the service policy,

To "let customers at ease, let customer satisfaction Make the customer happy "as our service tenet, get the consistent high praise from all walks of life,

Consecutive years by the shenzhen transport for rated as "the relocation service industry civilization unit" title. I believe that under the social people from all walks of life support,

With the continuous efforts of all staff, shenzhen JiWang relocation co., LTD., is sure to develop toward a better direction.

Has been in the city district set up own independent handling service outlets. Company has opened very large factory relocation service,

There are successful cases in more than one hundred, the company has with foxconn, shenzhen university, shenzhen metro company, shenzhen Chinese group companies, enterprises and institutions such as shenzhen golf club signed the handling agency agreement,

The company scale is growing, constantly updated hardware facilities, has more than 80 vehicles of all kinds of moving field, handling workers more than 200 people, the company in 2000 in shenzhen "ten best transport enterprise", "public satisfaction service top" honor.

to ensure (1) free door-to-door valuation, move to sign contracts.

Ensure 2. Be equipped with onboard mattress sets, blankets, carton, etc. To prevent objects collide defiled.

Guarantee 3. Staff friendly service, careful young energetic, wear clothes don't drink or smoke during work.

Ensure that 4. Responsible for disassembling furniture, meet consumers command position.

Ensure 5. Parity to collect fees, to draw up the contract after no mark-up.

Ensure 6. Can provide the cartons, bubble cushion packaging material.

Guarantee 7. Handling process, as a result of human error cause items wreck is responsible for the claim.

Ensure 8. Prices into the open.