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Ji Wang moving company can provide professional office relocation services for you, Ji Wang Shenzhen move move as a business leader, all staff in posts before they are experienced professional business skills training, packaging skilled can get your satisfaction, Ji Wang move once, COFCO, Sinopec, Huawei digital technology companies, the State Administration for Industry and commerce and other Large Firm to provide professional office relocation services.


service process:

the door to offer to sign the contract, the exploration on the customer is responsible for the relocation of personnel specialized communication, one day ahead of schedule to customer equipment for packaging to protect the customer's hardware facilities (elevator, floor, wall and other), field operation.

professional site supervisor supervising and directing the whole moving process, operation includes: site of goods packaging, transport packaging, packaging materials, the new site demolition cleaning steps, customer acceptance, the cost of clearing


is composed of full-time clerk according to move goods and site, the design details of the relocation program;

Provide packing, packaging, transport from the items to put in place a station type service

Take care of the floor, walls and elevators, professional protection;

Professional packaging of goods, to ensure transportation safety;

Through the use of tags, bit map, list of items, both to ensure items are not lost, and every employee will be items placed in place;

The new site supervisory staff on-site supervision over the relocation process, in order to ensure the.

The advantages of


in order, and thoughtful service, convenient service, service to worry.